LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION with Italian artist Marco Zagara.

I'm a creative visual artist and graphic designer based in Italy, where I continue to grow and evolve a visual portfolio that covers CGI graphics, 2D artworks and illustration.
My work is characterized by a strong visual impact thanks to vibrant colors, interesting points of view and oniric environments. Known for my space passion and my innovative techniques in modern photo manipulation, I blend together a strong focus on visual storytelling with a keen use of color and depth to create surreal compositions.


LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION with Canadian artist Jason Balducci.

Jason Balducci is a contemporary figurative painter who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Originally from Italy, his colorful paintings immediately attract attention with their charisma, dynamism, and wit. Active colors, uneven layers, fragmental bodies, sketchy lines, and an unconventional mixture of techniques and materials are the painter’s typical expressive means.
Jason sees art as a way to experiment and explore the unknown: both the inner personality of his models and of his own state of mind. For him, art serves not only to depict the reality but also to subjectively rethink it, open a dialogue, express personal associations, and find new meanings.

Alessandro Piano was born in 1979 in Genova, an historical city of the north-western part of Italy. The love for the city with its glorious past has been translated into loving the traditions and getting a deep nowledge of them.  The games are just a small part of the past but they have the capability to reminding us our childhood, which is one of the most beautiful periods of all time. The advantage of collecting these games is that they can bring us not only our childhood’s memories but also we could also finally have the possibility to obtain something we desired since then and the research became deeper when Alessandro’s daughter was born: the desire of showing her what made her father an happy kid when he was her age became an obsession. The Game Research’s next step was trying to re-elaborate them with the intention of making them iconic and unique. To be more precise, the intention is to involve those who were born around the 70s in a big step back in past, allowing those who were born after to discover a new world and giving a fresh restart to those toys that today are forgotten. Talking about the “Alter Ego” (Lego) sculpture (first one created in April 2019) there’s the intention of making a fixed number of them – around 100 pieces per series.

Aleem Iqbal, better known as Lord Aleem, is a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and car enthusiast. He is the co-owner of Platinum Executive Travel (PET), a luxury car hire company, established in 2006, and currently based in the United Kingdom. Aleem’s army of supercars is almost endless: the company offers several luxury car brands for hire, including Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bentley. The collaboration between HYLUS and Lord Aleem is a partnership of two sides with a mutual love for high-quality, exclusive and premium products - whether that’s Acrylic Glass Art, or Exotic Supercars.

Zipeng Zhu is a Chinese-born designer, art director, illustrator and animator in New York City who wants to make everyday a razzle-dazzle musical. His clients include Apple, Adidas, Adobe, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Twitter, Netflix, Harry’s, Viacom, The New Yorker, Fox, Away, Animal Planet, CNN, Refinery29, Chobani, and Samsung. After he graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, he has worked at Pentagram and Sagmeister & Walsh. He was one of the Art Directors Club Young Guns 13 winners and has been recognized as Print magazine’s New Visual Artist and The One Show Young Ones. His work has been exhibited all over the world including New York, Barcelona, Dubai, Mumbai, Shanghai and other major museums and institutions. Now he runs his creative practice Dazzle Studio and gift shop Dazzle Supply to push dazzle to the next level.

tan·gi·ble | \ ˈtan-jə-bəl

I. capable of being perceived especially by the sense of touch
II. substantially real  

In 2015 Tangible House launched a print magazine, combining love for film photography, art and poetry into a timeless series of publications called 35mm Magazine. A coffee table project that taught us the true meaning of what it is to be "Tangible." She is emotion, laughter, tears, love, heartache, sex. She is the clothes we wear clinging to our bodies while we sweat under the hot sun of summer. She is artwork that hangs on the wall in a wooden frame that is admired in-person and preferably with a cocktail in hand. She is something real that you and I can feel.

Jenny Perez is a culturally-influenced visual artist based out of Miami, Florida. With nearly a decade of experience, Perez’s projects span a wide variety of sizes, from massive interior and exterior murals, to gallery-owned series and prints on mixed media, and at-home private collections around the world.
She began her career as an apprentice under such internationally-recognized masters as Romero Britto and Erni Vales which led her to become one of the pioneering artists in the rise of Miami’s Wynwood Art District, playing a key part in the street art movement of the neighborhood. She has worked on product development and in-store visual design campaigns with international brands such as Armani Exchange, lululemon athletica, and Barry’s Bootcamp, and has been featured in international publications including DISfunction Magazine, Latina Magazine, and onCuba for her dynamic, multi-media works.