Can't see the design that you love in our products?

No problem. We will make it a reality for you!

Our design team will assist you in creating the perfect Custom HYLUS Acrylic Glass product(s) in just 3 easy steps.

1) Securing your HYLUS Custom Product

Each custom design from HYLUS is $124.99 on top of our original prices.

To initiate the process, you need to secure yours by purchasing the 'HYLUS Custom Design Fee' product on our website.

Our pricing for 1 custom design:

Product Price Custom Design Fee Final Price
1x HYLUS Custom Skateboard $179.97 $124.99 $304.96
2x HYLUS Custom Skateboards $269.97
3x HYLUS Custom Skateboards $389.97
4x HYLUS Custom Skateboards $479.97
5x HYLUS Custom Skateboards $599.97
6x HYLUS Custom Skateboards $679.97

Please note: the custom design fee is per artwork, not per product.

Example: if you purchase a custom product where one design spans across 3 boards, you'll only need to pay the $124.99 fee once. If you purchase 3 boards with 3 different designs, the custom design fee is $124.99 x 3. If this is the case, please add 'HYLUS Custom Design Fee' to your cart as many times as many custom designs you would like.

2) Making Your Idea Come Alive

After you've made the Custom Design Fee payment, we will send you a confirmation email, and invite you to tell us your idea of what you would like to be printed on our high quality HYLUS Acrylic Glass products. You can just describe it, or send us an image in any quality/resolution.

Our expert design team will convert your preferred artwork into a high resolution Skateboard or Glass Print format. We will send the first digital mockup to you in maximum 2 working days for approval, and you can request any changes until it’s perfect for you. If you would like to make changes after your first digital mockup, each modification will be sent to you in 1 working day.

3) Final Payment, Production and Shipping

You only need to pay for your HYLUS product(s) after we’ve found the perfect design together. When you're happy with your Custom Design, depending how many custom products you've ordered, you can order your HYLUS Custom Product(s) on our website.

We offer great deals for bundle orders:

  • 20% OFF for 2-3 products
  • 25% OFF for 4-5 products
  • 30% OFF for 6+ products 

Some custom HYLUS Products we've already done for our happy customers:

For any questions regarding HYLUS Custom Products, please do not hesitate to contact us on